The search for formulations was not easy. An attempt was made to combine the efficacy of ingredients for a perfect balance with the development of skincare designed to offer an optimal result with an extraordinary experience. Scientific innovation at the heart of development by harnessing the regenerative power of earthy ingredients according to their purity, composition and quality. The utmost attention is paid to the creation of a sensory and product perception with the aim of preserving and renewing the cellular matrix. Research was focused on cell regeneration and repair, aiming for a LONGEVITY COMPLEX of active elements.

The combination with enhanced, low-molecular-weight cosmeceutical molecules make Million Age face cream a valuable ally for epidermal homeostasis, with a detoxifying and energising effect. An important focus on the environment and the provenance of all the meticulously chosen ingredients. 

Volcanic Water is essentially 100% pure water  hyperthermal bromine iodine salt of paleomarine origin extracted directly from the thousand-year-old volcanic mother spring in the centre of the Euganean Hills. An unparalleled wealth and pool of minerals from a unique subsoil.

“Thermal medicine is one of the oldest forms of therapy in the West and in that sense is to be considered traditional medicine.” OMS, WHO traditional medicine strategy: 2014-2023


The facial body oil brings together oils from completely natural, environmentally sustainable sources without the addition of any kind of chemical component.

PETRA LHI targets intelligent skincare where the focus is on real efficacy and the creation of products that provide visible and healing benefits for the epidermal layer; not just apparent results.

A multifunctional line designed according to a modern concept, where the product can be used day and night for the cream, face body and hair for the oil and in absolute freedom for the water. Because at the heart of the philosophy is the reconstruction of a cellular balance that is not conditioned by exogenous factors.


An experience of unique power and eternal regeneration